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Telehealth services for spiritual health & well-being and to deepen one's intimacy with the Divine.

I am an arts-based accredited Spiritual Director and University of Divinity graduate. Trained in Contemplative Listening care with embodied Focusing and Presencing, I am also experienced in Ignatian contemplative exercises.

As an ordained interfaith Sufi Cherag (Minister) and registered Buddhist Chaplain, my Christian-Buddhist-Sufi interfaith affiliations allow me to work with different kinds of client faith belief systems.

Typically 1-hour Zoom session, one-on-one. 

Seasonal groupwork or tailored retreat upon request.


​​Member 1910147385  insured worldwide telehealth

Holding Hands
Spiritual Direction/Counselling Companionship

accredited Christian Spiritual Director

Master in Spiritual Direction (WellSpring Contemplative Centre formation, Uni of Div)

Grad Diploma in Ignatian Spirituality (Jesuit College of Spirituality, Uni of Div)

Grad Certificate in Divinity (University of Divinity)

Grad Certificate in Professional Supervision (University of Divinity)

Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2000, with extended stay visiting interfaith kibbutz, wilderness orthodox monastery, Israeli-Palestinian charities; witnessing interfaith dialogues, start of Intifada and more.

Spiritual Direction telehealth service. I companion you on your spiritual life journey and listen contemplatively to your sacred narrative and problems, as well as non-verbal cues. Also offer facilitation using music, movement/dance and art to aid you reprocess your issues. Available as groupwork. More modality info.

Christian Imaginative Contemplation. I completed my 20th Annotation full Ignatian 30 days silent Jesuit retreat in 2014. Trained in Fr Michael Hansen SJ's Field Hospital First Spiritual Exercises by JISA, my facilitation of these Ignatian exercises includes consolidation through arts and sacred conversation. Exercises protocol include Ignatian guided imagery prayer and breathwork.

"... church as a field hospital after battle ... heal wounds and warm hearts ...  accompany people ... ” - Pope Francis 

Supervision for spiritual directors. See supervision page for details.

Spiritual Retreat facilitation on Zoom. 2 or more small-group tele-session using multiple modalities of creating dance / movement / art / poetry in prayer and group spiritual conversation. 2 to 3 hours long. Check out video below.

Minister Services

ordained Sufi interfaith Cherag (Minister)

Hazrat Inayat Khan lineage

founding member, Sirat-i Inayat Sufi Interfaith Pathway Order and church, US

Spiritual Direction/Counselling telehealth service. All faith traditions or no faith affiliation are welcome. 

Ministry Supervision. For ministry workers in general. See supervision page for details.

Sacred Dance groupwork on Zoom to deepen one's spirituality. 

"A Sufi Journey through Divine Attributes"

Monthly Sufi online group event exploring a Wazifa or Attribute of God through embodied explorations using lectio divina readings, zikr recitation, authentic dance and art reflection. Details here.

Sufi Journey short FLYER.jpg
Image by Magic Bowls
Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy

registered Buddhist Chaplain

Queensland Sangha Association, Australia

Spiritual Direction/Counselling telehealth service.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy. Sound vibrational energies using Tibetan singing bowls, tingsha cymbals and gong can affect the mind and body at a cellular level. Adding mantras and chants in prayer, the beautiful vibrations and rich tones promote relaxation and other well-being benefits. Service is available in-person only.

Trained and certified by teacher Venerable Lobsang Tendar, Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre (Melbourne). Lama Tendar is a Gyuto University graduate of Gelugpa lineage and a qualified teacher of sacred Buddhist arts and Tibetan Tantric Healing.


Completed Buddhist pilgrimage in 2019, with extension of 21 days teachings at Gyuto monastery.

Directee / Retreatant feedback

“I realised I have the answer, not through words but images and movements. I was not given an answer but a pathway to walk the path.”

“Through various experiences, I see and understand my body, those traumatic issues that block me. It’s deep connection with the Divine and the intuitive leading that allows me to see reality.

This work is important and precious.”

“I have had 7 to 8 different styles of spiritual direction in the past. This is the best so far. It's different. I see God not through distorted filters of my traumatised past. I feel safely held, and whatever turned up, we could process it.”

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