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Allied Health complementary therapy services to support those with clinical diagnoses (eg anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic illnesses, etc) or special populations (aged, disability, abuse recovery, etc) available as online worldwide telehealth for well-being.

Typically 1-hour Zoom session, one-on-one.

First preliminary consultation is free.


​​Member 1910147385  insured worldwide telehealth

Dramatic Dance

Dance Movement Specialist

Psychotherapeutic use of Dance and Movement to support emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration for well-being.

Specialise in 5-parts methodology trained by International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia. Also trained in Ageless Grace chair-based dance movement exercises to stimulate brain functions using creativity and imaginative fun.

Art Class
Art Therapy

Therapeutic Art Specialist

Self-discovery through active art-making and unpacking of the artwork narrative with the therapist, thereby bringing unconscious feelings and thoughts to light. Some clients find release of emotions onto paper highly therapeutic and their curious exploration without judgment very insightful. Often used for layering effect after dance movement session.

Pilates Class
TRE© Trauma/Tension
Release Exercises

Certified TRE Provider/Facilitator

TRE® is a simple set of exercises that releases deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. It safely activates a natural shaking or vibrating reflex mechanism for a neurological workout of the body, restoring one's nervous system. No processing of trauma narratives needed. Some clients liken the effects as comparable to a good meditation. Others use it regularly as stress management or selfcare practice to maintain vagal tone. More info.

Grace facilitated me to understand my unconscious triggers and issues. I learnt to trust myself in a deeper way. I celebrate being a different transformed person now, able to readily forgive, have a stillness within and pause to observe myself and others. Grace is intuitive and gifted as a companion. I am amazed at her work of healing and recovery through dance movement and art therapies.


Group Lead Facilitator

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